• Vision

    The most valued integrated real estate operator in China

    We always insist to grow into a company that is built to last and strives to be the trailblazer and leader of comprehensive real estate operation. By fully tapping into and integrating internal and external resources, BCL actively explores and practices advanced comprehensive operation models to bring mutually beneficial results to partners and create lasting value.
  • Mission

    Creating New Urban Life

    We do not just build houses; we create a new and fantastic way of urban living for our clients. We always care about their real needs and strive to meet these needs by consolidating all available resources and turning them into a unique living experience. We focus on creating a new version of urban living featured by a metropolitan lifestyle that is both international and trend-setting. We continue to introduce new products and services to satisfy our clients’ changing demands for a brand new life experience.

Core Values

  • Passionate Passionate

    Be passionate both at work and in life. One should take ownership of his work and continuously exceed others' expectations by setting higher goals and achieving them.
  • ReliableReliable

    Be reliable is to be accountable both in spirit and action. One should always behave in a responsible manner, keeping one's promise and fulfilling one's obligation, an attitude that makes us a trustworthy partner in business.
  • SharingSharing

    Sharing is both a philosophy and a way of thinking. Business profit is enhanced through achievement-sharing and value-added offerings. We are here to work openly with partners of common interests to minimize common risks, pursue joint development and achieve win-win results
  • HappinessHappiness

    Happiness derives from satisfaction at work and a sense of belonging. A positive, challenging job, congenial work relationship and supportive teamwork bring joy and feeling of achievement, enabling individuals to grow with the company.
  • Collaborative InnovationCollaborative Innovation

    Collaborative innovation unites a team and provides impetus for growth. Talents, capital, information and other elements for innovation are effectively unleashed and integrated by breaking the barriers between different teams and professional domains. Such in-depth collaboration will spark many small but effective innovations to realize major breakthroughs.