Quality Living Made Possible by Four Value-added Features to BCL’s Nobles Mansion

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A  Smart , Luxury Residence Complex Built by BCL  in West Beijing


A leading real estate developer dedicated to the development of the western and southern areas of Beijing for six years, Beijing Capital Land (BCL) has developed, independently or jointly with other major developers, over 2 million m2of construction projects. From designing a high-end lifestyle to elevating the prospect value of a city section, BCL has always demonstrated its social responsibility, making good on its identification as an "urban complex manager."


As a new project to be strategically included in the FunHill IdeaTown, a renowned think tank industrial development park in China, the Purple Joy Property is the No. 1 offering of BCL’s Joy series constructed to the highest standards of what have succeeded in its Capital Ballet Rain Joy, Capital New Joy, Capital Outlets and Capital Elaine County projects. It received instant acclaim across the city once available, due to BCL’s design philosophy of "creating new urban life," as well as its integrated elements of green technology and luxury, which fully upgrade the current quality of life in west Beijing.


Best-in-class Living in West Beijing Made Possible by Four Upgraded Features


Following the release of the Purple Joy, BCL decision-makers decided, after rounds of consultation and design, to further increase its investment in the Property in various aspects, including its surrounding cultural environment, multi-dimensional traffic access, gardens and surrounding landscape, community infrastructure, and technological systems, in order to provide property owners with a more comfortable living environment.


Upgraded Feature 1: Cohesive Design of the CSD and FunHill IdeaTown Over Separated Areas


The Purple Joy is located in the center of IdeaTown planned by the Beijing Municipal Government in the academic area of Fangshan District. It is surrounded by the country's well-known universities including the Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the Beijing Institute of Technology, and the Capital Normal University, as well as those under construction such as Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. The IdeaTown and the Central Shopping District (CSD) planned by the government will form together a promising new area in the western part of Beijing with high potential for property value appreciation.


Upgraded Feature 2: Easy Access to Subway Lines and Expressways Over Single-Access Roads


The BCL Purple Joy Property is adjacent to the Liangxiang University Town Subway Station of the Fangshan Line, which is only a 300 meter walk away; It is only a 20 minute drive from the Property to the Western 3rd Ring Road through the Beijing-Hong Kong-Macau Expressway connecting to the city center; and the Eastern Ring Road links it with Jingliang Road and then with the Capital Outlets, a large commercial center in the CSD. The convenient traffic connections will undoubtedly make the Purple Joy Property a popular choice among urban elites.


Upgraded Feature 3: Expansive Garden Designs & Surrounding Landscape Over Private Gardens


Designed in the style of Neo-Asian gardens, the Purple Joy Property is characteristic of well-proportioned Oriental courtyards and themed gardens among buildings. In close proximity to two urban green areas, City Park and Central Green Belt, it also faces many city garden landscapes such as Haotian Park and the enormous Waterfront Park, creating a luxurious yet comforting space for the elite.


Upgraded Feature 4: Hi-tech Designs over design details


In addition to its idea of going green and ecological, the Purple Joy Property boasts a 24-hour household fresh air system which can filter and clean dust so that the air in-take is purified without PM 2.5; an intelligent water purification system that purifies water to the standard of direct drinking; smart charging pillars that provide easy access to charging electric vehicles; and an intelligent access control system ensuring residential security.


Striving to build a healthy and green residence for the discerning elites, BCL adds high value to the property with originality, which will bring a fresh new experience to owners and define the smart residential pattern of the future.


The price-capped Purple Joy Property is located in the Liangxiang Univerity Town of Fangshan District. The community is easily accessible thanks to the sophisticated public transportation system including subway lines, the expressway and urban highway. It is about 300 meters away from the Liangxiang University Town Subway Station of the Fangshan Line, and is well connected with the Beijing-Hong Kong-Macau Expressway, Jingzhou Road, Jingliang Road and other traffic arteries. North to the Property is the Fangshan CSD where you can enjoy metropolitan commercial facilities. Also very close to the Purple Joy Property are the BCL Outlets and the Huaguan Shopping Center which bring together leading international fashion brands. In addition, there is an over-4,000-square-meter commercial street, a one-stop shop that can satisfy every need of the Purple Joy owners and residents.


The information above is for reference only, and is subject to future releases by the developer.