The Color Run Shenyang Sponsored by BCL Kicks off on July 4

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Since entering Shenyang in 2006, BCL has been promoting the development of the city and the quality of life of its people for a decade. For BCL, it is a decade-long journey of constant endeavors.


Committed to "creating new urban life," BCL strives to make a city enjoyable and colorful.


On July 4, 2015, the Color Run sponsored by BCL will kick off in Shenyang.


Well, you have got no tickets yet? 


Here are some quick tips for getting tickets for the Color Run


Starting from now, you can win many gifts, including ticket vouchers for the Color Run, simply by following the Wechat official account of BCL Eco Village (ID: guanghecheng) and playing the Scratch-to-Win game, or participating in activities held at the sales center of BCL Eco Village. On June 20, join a lottery with your ticket voucher to win a ticket or other nice gifts. On July 2, present your ticket at the sales center of BCL Eco Village to get a set of equipment for the Color Run worth 208 Yuan. On July 4, join us in the Color Run which starts at the Central Park, Hunnan New Area.


Don't forget to follow the Wechat official account of BCL Eco Village for activity updates.


High-rise Apartments



Overlooking a 1,000 meter river, the high-rise apartments ranging from 44-96 m2offer a picturesque view. Very low down payment, payable by installments in four years with no interests, or as low as 0.58 yuan per square meter a day. The first payment required is only 1/8 of the down payment – you can purchase a well-ventilated 70-80 m2 two-room apartment with a 5,000 yuan first payment or a comfortable 96 m2 three-room unit with a 10,000 yuan first payment.




The 88-125 m2houses lying in the center of the Eco Village Project are available for sale now, and each comes with a free room. You only need to pay 1/4 of the down payment the first time, and pay the rest by installments in two years. With a 20,000 yuan first payment you can easily own the luxurious house. And you are privileged to use the underground parking for free for two years. The sparsely distributed houses with ultra high greening rate create a joyful atmosphere for you.


3,650 Yuan Red Envelopes for Tenth Anniversary of Shenyang BCL


In celebration of its tenth anniversary in Shenyang, BCL is distributing 3,650 Yuan red envelopes as gifts to appreciate its clients.‘


The BCL Eco Village is accessible by Metro Line 2, freeing you from traffic jams. At a stone’s throw to the Central Park, Baitaihe Park and Mozishan Park, and with a 1,000 meter river running by, the Eco Village offers a green environment and primitive scenery.

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