Established in 2014, Zhuhai Hengqin Rui Yuan Hui Jin Equity Investment Corporation (the "Fund") has invested in the Eco Village Project in Chongqing, the Enjoyable River Project in Beijing, and the Jialingchang Project in Chongqing. The Fund is managed by Zhuhai Hengqin Shou Ju Chuang Xin Equity Investment Fund Management Limited ("ZHHQ-GP"), which is under the management of Beijing Capital Land Ltd. ("BCL").

ZHHQ-GP has stepped into real estate finance since 2013, and its major business areas include private funds, and project development and management. Building on Beijing Capital Group's nearly 20 years experience in real estate development, ZHHQ-GP is devoted to investment fund management in the real estate industry with a focus on rigid-demand properties. It has successfully launched a number of equity investment funds, including those for the Chongqing Xiyong Project and the Beijing Pinggu Project, ranking high among domestic real estate investment funds in terms of both fund management and investment scales. Being a leading company specialized in real estate funds in China, it now has up to RMB 4 billion funds under its management. With its rigorously professional expertise, robust operation style and remarkable insights, ZHHQ-GP has helped investors realize long-term and consistent returns in the rapidly changing market.

As a market-based real estate private fund, ZHHQ-GP keeps on selecting and allocating financial products with robust earnings for high net worth clients. Committed to pursuing continuous and steady wealth growth, it provides investors with a wide range of value-added services through a complete and convenient service system. As a witness and trailblazer of China's wealth management industry, we cherish investors' trust and take pride in helping investors increase their assets safely.

Co-founders of ZHHQ-GP: Beijing Capital Land Ltd. ("BCL") and CITIC Trust Co., Ltd. BCL went public in 2003 in Hong Kong Stock Exchange. This Beijing-based company has developed more than 4 million square meters of real estate projects in Beijing since its establishment, with a total investment of over RMB 30 billion. Since 2005, BCL has duplicated and expanded its systematic and standard product lines in other areas. Now it has gained a market share in fifteen cities of three regions in China with its land reserve exceeding 10 million square meters, enjoying a high market recognition and brand impact. CITIC Trust Co., Ltd. is a national non-banking financial institution under direct supervision of China Banking Regulatory Commission. With trust business as its main business, the corporation keeps leading the trust sector in terms of the volume of assets under its management and its comprehensive operating strength. Due to its outstanding integral capacities and remarkable operating performance, it was awarded the title of "the Best Trust Company of the Year" for the third straight time in the selection of Best Financial Institutions of China in 2009-2010 co-organized by the Institute of Finance and Banking, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and the Financial News.