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I.Product Overview

The Rui Yuan Jia Ling Equity Fund Specific Asset Management Plan (the “Series Plan”) is fully dedicated to subscribing for Preferential Limited Partnership (“Preferential LP”) shares in Hengqin Rui Yuan Jia Ling Equity Investment Center (Limited Partnership) (the “Jia Ling Fund”).

The Jia Ling Fund is an equity fund launched by Zhuhai Hengqin Shou Ju Chuang Xin Equity Investment Fund Management Limited (“ZHHQ-GP”) with a total value of RMB 2.2 billion, including:

77.28% for Preferential LP shares (RMB 1.7 billion), subscribed for by the Series Plan;

77.28% for Preferential LP shares (RMB 1.7 billion), subscribed for by the Series Plan;

1% for Secondary Limited Partnership (“Secondary LP”) shares (RMB 22 million), subscribed for by the BCL stock-trading team; and

1% for General Partnership (“GP”) shares (RMB 22 million), subscribed for by ZHHQ-GP.

The funds raised will be invested in Chongqing Shou Hui Property Ltd. (“Project Company” or “Shou Hui Property”), which owns land plots 45-1/03, 39-3/03, 23-2/03, 23-3/03, 24-1/03 and 24-2/03 in Zone E, Jingkou-Shuangbei Sub-district, Shapingba District, Chongqing (“Project”). The management and operation of the Project Company and the Project is provided by BCL, commissioned by the Jia Ling Fund.

The days open for exit of the Series Plan, referring to the days when the asset manager deals with the exit requests, are the days falling 24, 36, 48 and 60 months from the first day for partnership shares accounting (“the Shares Accounting Date”).

II.Project Overview

The Project covers an area of 327 mu, or 218,011 m2, and a gross floor area of 655,000 m2, with a plot ratio of 3. The land plot is valued at RMB 1.98 billion, with a floor price of RMB 3,023 per square meter. The Project is located in Jingkou-Shuangbei Sub-district of Shapingba District, the urban functional core among the five major functional centers of Chongqing, overlooking Jiangbei District across the Jialing River. It is within seven kilometers away from the CSD in Shapingba District, only a ten-minute drive or five-minute ride on Metro Line 1, and is within forty minutes' drive from all other CSDs in the downtown area.

III.Expected Returns

The expected returns are 10% of the annualized return plus a floating-rate profit portion depending on the performance of the Chongqing Jialingchang Project.

IV.Distribution of Investment Returns

The investment returns from the Asset Management Plan are distributed within 10 working days after the days falling 12 months from the Shares Accounting Date, the Expected Date of LP Shares Expiry, the Accounting Date for Early Distribution, the Accounting Date for Excess Returns Distribution, and the Partnership Business Termination Date.

V.Guarantee Measures

1. No less than 24.91% of the total shares in the Jia Ling Fund are jointly subscribed for by the BCL stock-trading team (Secondary LP shares worth RMB 22 million), BCL or its affiliates (Intermediate LP shares worth RMB 456 million), and BCL staff or their affiliates (Preferential LP shares worth no less than RMB 70 million), adding to the credit of the Preferential LP shares;

2. The Jia Ling Fund holds 100% of the shares in the Project Company, and commissions BCL to provide overall management;

3. BCL offers brand-building services to the Project Company;

4. BCL provides principal guarantee and liquidity support for the Project Company.

VI.How to Make a Subscription?

For more information please contact 010-66523208 or follow the WeChat official account “Rui Yuan Hui Jin”.